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In Ground LED Lighting fixtures

"The perfect LED Ground lighting solution for illumination of walkways, driveways, etc providing a colour in outdoor environments"

Gound lighting LED fixture
When looking for in Ground lighting solutions, it's important to make sure the fixtures used can withstand the everyday beating from being in the Ground. We designed this unit with these factors in mind, from driveways to walkways. These units are tested to withstand being driven over and walked over without affecting its functionality. IP68 certification means these can function while fully submerged under water, perfect for your average UK summer rain!

Not only can these fixtures be used to continue outdoor landscape design, they also act as a saftey feature for night time ilumination of the edges of paths or steps.

These ground fixtures, can also be countersunk into walls or rocks. very good at uplighting garden features and other our door structures allowing clients to illuminate specific architectural features and area's. This light is specifically good at close range highlighting of garden statues and plants. With its highly directional output designers can achieve a desired effect, with precision control of the light.

garden lighting

The best thing about these LED ground lights is how the colour output can be adapted and controlled. Offering maximum impact no matter what the landscape design the colour can be changed to suit. It can also be changed on the fly to suit any special events or theme parties.

Using design features insuring full IP68 certification for maximum funtionality in any design application, These units are small compact allowing minimal impact on the design. Designed to the highest levels of quality, these LED fixtures offer all the normal advantages of LED to insure our waterproof lights can stand up to some of the toughest weather conditions.

This fixture is fully capable of colour changing, slowly morphing through colours, being on a fixed colour or sharply changing colours. With these fixtures our clients are able to choose millions of colour variants to suit their outdoor uplighter needs. They are designed to offer extremely efficient lighting and cost effective solutions, in comparison to traditional lighting.

Designed be used as a standalone fixture or easily linked in a system with several fixtures to meet your outdoor illumination needs.


Maximum. Current input: 350mA
Voltage (DC): 48V
Power consumption: 3.3watts
LEDs: 1 x RGB 3 W
Light Life : 50000 hours
light angle: 25°/ 40°
Cabling : 1.5meter , 24AWG x 4P Cat.5e
IP certified rating: IP68
Diameter: 45 x 43mm
Weight(kg): 0.4

download the manual for this LED Outdoor uplighter :: Download the manual