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About Us and Ours Company

As a lighting company established in 1978, we have been lucky enough to see the evolution of outdoor lighting through the decades. This has to be the golden age of outdoor lighting, thanks to the introduction of LED technology, it's never been Cheaper to create stunning outdoor lighting effects, with even more functionality than older more expensive systems. Together with cutting edge technology the Leap forward in creating brighter LED products to rival standard lamp technology has seen LED lighting become a standard for any Building lighting project.

"Our goal is to help our clients, save money, stay efficient, green while acheiving their projects goals to jawdropping effect."

We have been involved in every step to the LED growth. From Design to manufacture and finally installation and maintenence. So we know what works. By streamlining the supply chain we have also insured you receive the best price for products with excellent support, we are also able to implement any design changes to standard specification that a client may have. Our range of Outdoor LED fixtures have been painstakingly tested to insure that every detail is perfect and more than capable of doing it's job. We know the importance of quality longevity and reliabiliy so we insure that each individual unit is manufactured to meet high expectations of the industry. We do this while insuring you can still buy at extremely impressive cost to quality value, we understand competitive environment surrounding outdoor lighting, but promise for price and quality we can't be beaten.

For our Clients we have help them acheive amazing savings in power consumption, a must in the business world, when corporate image is so important in relation to being eco-friendly We pride our selves on being able to offer the best service to our clients, supplying the best solutions available and insuring that no matter what our clients are always totally satisfied.