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Outdoor uplighter LED pin spot Lights

"The perfect precision LED Outdoor uplighter for illumination of architectural features, in outdoor environments"

Pinspot uplighter

We specifically designed this unit for clients who had our door structures that required uplighting of specific area's to illuminate specific architectural features. This light is specifically good at close range highlighting of statues and columns. With its highly directional output designers can achieve a desired effect, with precision control of the light.

We have recently had several clients with modern structures using two of these units at the entrance to there building to give the effect of a grand entrance. Using columns of light in exchange for traditional physical columns, not only saved them space but allowed them to stand out at night.

With full IP65 certification these LED units are designed to the highest levels with all the normal advantages of LED to insure our weatherproof lights can stand up to some of the toughest weather conditions. New for 2010 we have introduced a square design chassis to allow for better design integration with current architectural movements.

This fixture is fully capable of colour changing, slowly morphing through colours, being on a fixed colour or sharply changing colours. With these fixtures our clients are able to choose millions of colour variants to suit their outdoor uplighter needs. They are designed to offer extremely efficient lighting and cost effective solutions, in comparison to traditional lighting.

Designed be used as a standalone fixture or easily linked in a system with several fixtures to meet your outdoor illumination needs.


Selectable Presets:pinspot column uplighting
:: auto run
:: DMX
:: Sound activated
:: Enable Remote controlling by handheld remote

LED's: x145 ultrabrite's Red: x27 Green: x60 Blue: x58
LED Diameter : 10millimeter RGB
LED output Angle:40°
Weight: 4.8kilograms
IP certified: IP65
Power : AC 240V, 60Hz/50Hz
Wattage: 20W.

download the manual for this LED Outdoor uplighter :: Download the manual