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Outdoor Downlighter LED Light bars

"The perfect LED Downlighter for colour washing illumination of buildings entrances, providing a colour in damp outdoor environments"

IP44 Downlighter LED Wash bar

We understand that sometimes light fixtures can be indirectly affected by the harshness of weather. Although a fixture is not directly installed in an open to the elements situation, it may still be affected by damp. To combat this we have a specially designed IP44 certified downlighter bars, perfect for any downlighting application such as doorways and ledges.

The best thing about these LED downlighters is how the wash effect can be adapted and controlled. Offering maximum impact no matter what the architectural design. We have many customers with Listed buildings who are highly limited to the changes they can make to the outside of their buildings. By using LED lighting on the a building it can change the asthetical input to it's surrounding area.

Using design features insuring full IP44 certification for use in area's that may be damp, with minimal impact on design, these LED units are designed to the highest levels with all the normal advantages of LED to insure our lights can continue to operate in damp conditions such as downlighting entrances. Available in two sizes to insure maximum flexibility with any project or design.

This fixture is fully capable of colour changing, slowly morphing through colours, being on a fixed colour or sharply changing colours. With these fixtures our clients are able to choose millions of colour variants to suit their outdoor uplighter needs. They are designed to offer extremely efficient lighting and cost effective solutions, in comparison to traditional lighting.

Designed be used as a standalone fixture or easily linked in a system with several fixtures to meet your outdoor illumination needs.


Selectable Presets:led outdoor colourwash downlighter
:: auto run
:: DMX
:: Sound activated
:: Enable Remote controlling by handheld remote

Available in 2 sizes: ultrabrite and Superbrite

LED's: x114 (Red: 22 Green: 49 Blue: 43) 10mm RGB ultrabrite LED's
Light Angle: 40°.
Sizes(mm) : 500 x 80 x75
Casing : Aluminum.led entrance colourwash downlighter
Weight(kgs): 2.7
IP Certification: IP 44
Power: AC 240V (60Hz/50Hz)
Wattage: 20Watts
410hz anti-flickering design

LED's: x240 (Red:48 Green:102 Blue: 90) 10mm RGB ultrabrite. - (or 3w x24 RGB).
light Angle: 40°
Sizes(mm): 10,000x800x750
Weights(kg): 4.2 (3w rgb unit 6.3)
IP Certification: IP44
Power: AC 240V (60Hz/50Hz)
410hz anti-flickering design

download the manual for this LED Outdoor uplighter :: Download the manual