Outdoor LED Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, LED has fast become the must have tool for clients to acheive jaw dropping acheitectural lighting effects. Whether it's on a modern new build or giving an older building a new lease of life. LED illumination is the most cost effective way to acheive a vibrant effect. With the extreme LED "lamp life" available, these fixtures are the perfect choice for any large scale installation, especially where everyday access may not be viable. With buildings and archeitectural designs all being unique, we understand that every project undertaken must have it's own custom designed outdoor lighting system, our designers are happy to discuss any upcoming projects. This enables individual clients the ability to acheive their end goal with maximum effect. To acheive this we have a range of ip44/ip65/ip67 LED lights that can be used together acheive any required effect! Flexible design means these can colourwash or even be used as a pin spot in all generic colours; red, green, blue, orange, purple and all colour mixes between. The fixtures have mutliple ways they can be used to complete an installation; they can be used as building uplighters, downlighters, designer features.

Cost effective Building Lights

In the past when undertaking a project with a client, it was important to decide on what effect they where looking to acheive to give maximum visual impact to their project. Whether it was a simple uplight of building features or if they wanted to colour was the whole building or structure, designs dictated what fixtures could or couldnt be used. Of course with lower power consumption our systems are extremely effective in being the Greener efficient option

Our latest generation of outdoor lights offer more lighting options, making them more viable for complex structures. In the past where multiple lights would be needed to acheive custom colours and simple colour mixes. our Led products allow you to control custom colour mixes using even a sinle unit. giving clients instant access to millions of custom colours any time! Creating an outdoor feature of artistic proportions

Before this technology was introduced many designs were limited or impossible to acheive due to the realistic implementation of lights and where it was plausable to place them on and arround the building to allow easy maintenace, changing of bulbs etc. Now with the amazing Lamp life we can acheive with our high grade LED lights, we can install lights in hard to reach area's, while the client has piece of mind knowing he wont be needing to change bulbs the next week.

IP65 Outdoor Lighting fixtures

When installing any electrical item in an outdoor environment, it's important to make sure it can withstand the rigors of mother nature and changing weather. Our fixtures are designed with longevity and saftey in mind. With our range of IP65 architectural LED lights, you can insure your project will be weather proof.

IP68 underwater lights

We have many customers, who want to continue their lighting design to be incorporated with the surrounding landscaping and water features. This can have excellent outcome, especially when dealing with colour washes and specific colour uplighting effects. We have created a line of IP68 underwater LED lighting that means the effects can be used quite safely submerged underwater.

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We are here to help, we are happy to work with clients and architects to insure that the products and designs implemented maximise the impact of the LED Lighting for your project!

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Our team of installers are ready to undertake any project, no matter how big or small, we can install your outdoor lighting as quick and hassle free as possible. Making sure your project outcome is perfect!
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We have an experienced service team that can insure that your outdoor lighting is kept to manufacturers spec for many many years. Preventative maintenance packages are available.

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